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Digital ID Technologies

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Welcome to Digital ID Technologies’ website! As the world changes year after year, the need for effective security ID cards in South Africa and Africa abroad increases without signs of fatigue. Smartphones and biometric products intertwine with its older peer the ID card. ID card demands are increasing and complement newer technologies. But, in Africa especially, the ID card still holds dominance because of its multifunctional abilities. That is way Digital ID Technologies aligned its brand, its mission and focus, supplying unrivalled ID card printing solutions backed by high-level technical support.

HID Fargo is the leading ID card printer name in the world and through many innovating years of design and manufacture, HID Fargo printers are renowned as the pioneers within South Africa and Sub-Sharan Africa. Digital ID Technologies is a proud platinum partner and leading distributor for HID Fargo’s range of Direct-to-Card, ReTransfer, and Laser Engraving solutions. Our array of ID card printers will meet your every need. Whether you require an entry-level printer, professional, industrial or an entire project for larger volume printing, Digital ID Technologies will meet your needs. Give us a call and let us help you decide on the best card printer and the best cards for your undertaking.


School ID Cards, Access Cards, Tuck Shop Card, Bag Tags and Accessories
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(CIPC) (Pty, NPC, and NGO)
Company Annual Returns
Company Director Amendments
Company Profile
Business Plans (available as service and Free template download)
Share Certificate BBBEE Affidavit (Free Affidavit download)


Medical Aid Cards, Employee Benefit Cards, Spa Gift Cards
TCC (Registration) Vat Registration (Registration) PAYE Registration


ID Cards, Access Cards, Employee Incentives or Rewards Cards
Letter of Good standing (COID)
UIF Registration


Union membership cards, Government Party ID Cards, High Security Access Cards
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