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Colors are vibrant. Images and text are crisp. Quality is second to none. ID cards printed on the FARGO® HDP5600 card printer/encoder
do more than protect your organization — they re ect the value you place on your brand. The HDP5600 produces ID cards with the highest image and text quality available, making it a smart choice for retail stores, recreation facilities, and any organization whose brand image is paramount. Not only are colors more brilliant and images sharper, but the high quality, 600 dpi resin printing capabilities of the HDP5600 give you the ability to precisely print small text and crisply de ned barcodes like never before. The HDP5600 also includes a built-in WorkbenchTM diagnostic utility and Color AssistTM tool to help your organization better match spot colors on company logos and service marks. Leveraging the 600 dpi option, the printer can even accurately reproduce complex characters, such as Kanji, Arabic and Cyrillic.

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  • Sharper, crisper images and text for any organization.

  • Proven fith-generation HDP® technology and reliability.

  • Greater card security and durability.

  • High quality meets affordability.

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